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Water Poured Dumbbell Set


  • The Single bag weight is adjustable from 2KG to 6KG
  • Portable and easy for travelling.
  • High quality Auqa PP material that do not cause any leaks.
  • Very safe to use.The Dumbble will never occur to damage to the body and the floor.
  • To pour the water in the plastic dumbbell ,then the magic dumbbell will attain a weight 5kg-10kg as you like.

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Commodity Water Poured Dumbbell Set
 Model No DS.02.WD1102/DS.02.WD1103/DS.02.WD1106
 Color Blue/Black
 Material PVC,ABS
 Weight 1-10Kg
Customer 3 years old or above
Function Fitness,sport
Payment Terms  T/T,L/C,Western Union
DeliveryTime  Sample:2-5Days
Bulk Oerder:5-25Days
OrderQuantity  At least 1pcs
3000pcs for ODM or DEM
Advantages Low price,safety,good quality
Feature 1.The weight is adjustable
2.Portable and easy to carry for travelling
3.High quality PP material that will not cause any leaks
4.Very safe to use. The dumbbell will never cause damage for the body and the floor
5.To pour the water in the plastic dumbbell, then the magic dumbbell will become 1kg-10kg as you like
    Product Size:9.8*9.8*5.5cm
Package: Color Box
    Packing Color Box Size: 10.5*10.5*6cm
Ctn Quantity: 30pcs/ctn
Ctn Dimension:45*35*25cm