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Resistance band


  • The cotton yoga band offers comfortable hold when you are using it to train your strength.
  • The ring shape yoga strap can help you train your hip. Wrap it around your legs, and then do it as what the teacher teach you. You are building up the wonderful hip shape.
  • Moving your leg slowly but freely, you don't need to worry that it will fall down easily, as this hip resistance band comes with the anti slip feature.
  • Such portable band will not take up much space. Just roll and put it into your bag when you don't need it. Easy and convenient.
  • The music is flowing in the air when you are holding the yoga band which rings around your leg. Breathing slowly, you are so relaxed and in the world of exercise, and your body is getting healthier.
  • Suitable for dance, yoga, fitness etc.
  • Go home. Each cell of your body are telling you the tiredness. Take out the yoga strap and then do it as what the yoga teacher told you. Stretch your body as much as possible, breathe as slowly as possible. You are in the world of yoga and get your peaceful and comfortable time for your whole body.

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Name: Resistance band
Model No: DS.02.TLC3008
Material: Polyester, latex silk
Color: Black/Blue/Red
Width: 8.5cm
Size: M/L/XL
Resistance: 120 Pounds
Weight 0.135KG
Application: Body shaping,Fitness