Ionic Hair Brush


  • Eliminates frizz and keep cuticles moisture.
  • Bring negatively charged ions to the hair in order to make it more healthy and smooth.
  • Unique design bristles for a gentle brush without damaging the cuticles.
  • Ion Output:5*10000000m³
  • Operated by 2pcs AAAbattery

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Name: Ionic Hair Brush
Model No:  
Size 22.5*5.76*6.1CM
Material ABS
Color Pink,White
Weight 230g
Operated 2 AAA batteries
Accessories: Flannelette Bag
Certification CE, RoHS
Package Package:Color Box
Color Box:25*10.1*3.5CM
Carton Size:62*26*34CM
Carton Quantity:30pcs/ctn
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